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                Shri Mahavir Ji

Birth name of Mahavir was Vardhman. The different names  Ativir , Sanmati , Mahavir  were the  epithets conferred  upon  him  for  his   acts of  boldness  and bravery at different occasions. The universality of the application  of  the  name  Mahavir  has  rendered   it functionally equivalent to a personal name.

Born in a princely family all the comforts of life were available  to him  but  child   Mahavir  did not evince interest in worldly pleasures. Having  strong   spiritual inclination and desire  to do good  of   the people, he   had a strong urge of renunciation of  worldly   attach- ments. Deep  affection and persuasion of  his parents   and   relatives  could  not  keep  him confined  to the family bonds. Spiritualism and  renunciation so  much prevailed over  him  the ultimately on  November 11, B.C 570 (Marga-sirsha Krishna - dasmi) , at the age       of 30 years, he left  the place and   proceeded  to the park,  Jnatrkhanda -Vana, close  to   Kundapur, and relinquished  his  ornaments and  clothes . He pulled   out  his  hair  by  his  hands and  initiated  himself  as       a Digamber Jain  monk. He observed fast for 3 days  and then plunged himself into meditation. After some- time he started touring  various  parts  of  the country.  He  lived  in gardens  park,   but as  required  by  the rules  of  his vows  and fast, he  entered a town or a  village once in a day and accepted the food  offered   to   him  according  to  the  norms  laid down for Jain ascetics. In a standing or squatting posture, and with    his eyes fixed on the tip of  nose, he spent his time in meditation  and  in  reflecting  on  the Atman ( soul )   and in cultivating the attitude of  equanimity towards   one and all. Strictly observing his five great vows &         other principles, he got himself habituated to endure        with peace & patience all physical tortures, know as  ‘pariahs’,  like  hunger,  thirst , cold, heat, mosquito   bites etc.,

Mahavir spent twelve years as an ascetic, practising various  austerities. One day  on Baisakh - Shukla - Dasmi , April 26, B.C. 557 at  the age of 42  years, while he was seated   beneath a sal  tree plunged in meditation  close to the village   Jrmbhaka by  name,      on the  bank of  river   Rijukula  omniscience or  all knowledge - infinite  knowledge  ( Ananta - Jnana ), "knowledge free  from Karmic interference" -Keval   -Jyana which  has  no limitations of   time and space, dawned  on him. He  got  satisfactory   solutions  for     all  those   problems  and questions connected  with      life and  the universe which occur  to any  inquisitive    soul.  He   fully comprehended  the Six  Substances   (dravya) and Seven Principles (tattva) whereby one     gets explained the nature of all the objects and their activities. It  was  crystal  clear to  him that the very        basic principle of life in  Jive Atma - tattva, which is distinct from matter (body).
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