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Madon mohan ji Temple

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Madon mohan ji Temple
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The Great Madon mohan ji Temple

The whole area of Karauli is famous and known for the great shri shri 1008 Modon mohen mohen ji temple. The madon mohen ji temple is the temple of lord krishna by the hindu mythology. Madon mohen ji temple is called also "Shri ji temple" . the madon mohan ji temple is established by king gopal singh ji in 1748. That is a black colored  stones statue of the lord Krishna

pictured view of modon ji temple:-


this is the statue of the Hindu mythologies great lord Krishna known as a shri Madon Mohan Ji

the two other statue besides of lord krishna is lalita ji and rukmini ji 

this called "jagmohan" that  means the platform and a balkani of the temple that place have a room where the statue of lord krishna is established and another two rooms have two different statue of lord krishna and another lord of hindu mythology 

that is the main entrance gate of the shri madon mohan ji temple made by red sand stone only 

  Rajendra kumar Meena