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Kela Devi Jee

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Kela Devi Jee
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                  Kaila Devi Temple                     

Shree kaila devi ji's temple is  23 km far  away  from  Karauli city . It is believed that the temple came into  existence around 1100 A.D. This  temple  is  of Shri Kaila Devi ji  which  is  reigning diety of millions of people of eastern Rajasthan, M.P. and U.P.  Around  60 lacs pilgrims flock to this place every year. This temple is regarded as one of   the  nine  Shakti  peeths   of  goddess Durga.

In chaitra Navratra virtually the entire area of  eastern  Rajasthan,  western U.P. and western  M.P. congregate at the  feet of goddess  . 1000 of   buses, cars  and other  vehicles bring these people  here. Lacs of devotees come on foot also. A  real  sea of  humanity engulfs   the    surrounding   area   for around 15 days. Such a large assemblage of devotees require tremendous efforts for provision and maintenance of basic civic amenities and services.

The Govt. Deploys a  whole  array  of officers and staff from  various  Govt deptt.   for   proper   management   of Chaitra fair

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Kaila Devi Ji

Shri Kaila Devi

The Main Statue of Shri Kaila Devi Mata and Shri Chamuda Devi Mata

The Kali Sil River and Lake Near by Shri Kaila Devi Temple

  Rajendra kumar Meena