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about dausa



2,950 sq. kms. (0.86 per cent of the State)

The district is situated in the eastern part of Rajasthan. It is bound in the north by Alwar district, in south by Sawai Madhopur district, in the west by Jaipur district and in the east by Bharatpur district.

Distance from Major Cities

Jaipur-56 kms.
Delhi-317 kms.
Ahmedabad-681 kms.
Mumbai-1232 kms.


The climate of the district is dry and is subject to extremeness of cold and heat at various places.

The minimum and maximum temperatures recorded in the district are 3.33 degrees celsius and 44 degrees celsius respectively.

The normal annual rainfall is 55.2 cms.

Administrative Setup

The district has 5 tehsils and 5 blocks, viz., Bandikui, Dausa, Lalsot, Mahwa and Sikrai.

Human Resources

Indicators of Human Resources
Population persons 13,16,790
Density of population persons per sq. km. 384
Literacy per cent 62.75
Total working population per cent 30.70
Percentage distribution of work force
Cultivators per cent 70.50
Agricultural labourers per cent 6.89
Household industry manufacturing    
Processing servicing and repairs per cent 12.6
Other workers per cent 10.01

Major Crops and their Production

Production: 2004-05
Wheat 196416
Bajra 117822
Rapeseed & Mustard 103545
Groundnuts 18390
Barley 11586
Gram 9525
Guarseed 7893
Jowar 5998
Maize 2260
Rapeseed 446
Field pea 79
Kidney bean (moth) 48
Sugar cane 48
Cowpea (Chowri) 33
Green gram (Moong) 22


Mineral Production: 1999-00
Silica sand 9,919
Quartz 968
Soap stone 1,308
China clay 455
Dolomite 1,376
Cheja patti 43,565
Marble luffers 21,737
Stealite 92

Dausa district is receiving the power supplied by the Anta Gas Turbine system, Kota. There are 20 electric sub-stations at 16 places in the district. As of March 2000, all villages in the district were electrified.


The major rivers passing through the Dausa district are Sawa and Banganga.

Road Transport

The National Highway No. 11 linking Bikaner to Agra passes through Dausa district for a total length of 92 kms. The total length of different types of roads in the district is about 1,508 kms as on 31 March 2000.

Rail Transport

At present Dausa district is connected with Broad gauge rail route with Jaipur, Alwar and Delhi.

Air Transport

The nearest airport is at Jaipur (56 kms).

Communication Facilities

Post offices 249
Telegraph offices 19
Telephone exchanges 41
Public call offices 638

Educational Facilities/Institutions

Colleges 5
Higher Secondary Schools 154
Secondary schools 89
Higher primary schools 332
Primary schools 930
Training schools/institutions 1

  Rajendra kumar Meena